We know that vacationing is all about resting and recharging at the beach, especially if you’re visiting Labin in the Summer period. But sometimes the sea and the sun are simply not enough. We’re bringing you some tips on how to enrich your holiday experience in Labin!

1.  Stroll through the cute streets of the Labin old town

You’re always searching for insta-worthy places on your travels? Be sure to visit the picturesque old town Labin on the hill overlooking the newer part of the town and Rabac. Enjoy a tasty artisan ice cream while roaming between the typical Istrian narrow streets and adorable colorful houses. If you are a history lover, on Thursdays there are free night sightseeing tours of the town, too! The meeting point is in front of the tourist office and there are few languages available - you can check all the information about it with the tourist office!

Extra tip: If you want to experience the culture of Labin, Labin art republic is a project of reviving the historical and cultural heritage of the town with the help of cultural and art events. You can visit art galleries, you can attend various concerts, theater plays, kids events, a jazz festival, documentary film festival, … Glance through the programme before going to the old town, there’s a big chance of some event taking place during your visit in the Summer!

2. Become a miner for a day - visit Labin Public Museum

    Labin Public Museum is located in the Baroque palace of Battiala-Lazzarini (dated from the 17th / 18th century), in a beautiful 3 storeys building with a red facade and turquoise windows in the old town Labin. Founded in 1960. as a Heritage museum, today showcases many archeological finds from the early age, a part dedicated to folk tradition (with folk costumes, instruments, and audio recordings of traditional dialects), a part about Giuseppina Martinuzzi, who was an Istrian teacher, writer and revolutionary… Last, but not the least, the major part of the Museum is a celebration of Labin’s mining history - with interesting exhibits where you can learn everything about these interesting events. The segment of the Museum that it’s a must see is definitely the mine replica under the Museum. Put a helmet on your head and start mining - but be aware, it can get claustrophobic down there!

    Extra tip - Labin really values its mining history. If you’re visiting downtown, go see the recently renovated “Šoht”, a steel tower that used to bring miners to and from mine. When you’re already there, you can also visit the nearby city library, a great example of architecture that proudly celebrates the mining history of Labin.

    3. Find out why Labin is the city of artists

      Even though Labin has more than 30 artists, your art journey is best to start at the Labin City Gallery, a central place for exhibitions and presentations of modern / contemporary art. Located just across the Labin Public Museum, it offers affordable passage into the inspiring world of art exhibitions.

      Apart from the focal gallery, Labin has several small galleries owned by artists. From ceramics to paintings, if you’re lucky, you can catch artists in action!

      Extra tip: Find art pieces in the old town in unexpected places! An art association recently made 6 portraits of renowned people from Labin. “The windows of Labin’s legends” representing Giuseppina Martinuzzi, Josip Belušić, Mate Čvrljak, Matija Vlačić Ilirik and Klaudio Brezac Mikot are 6 murals scattered around the old town. Find something about famous Labin’s inhabitants while enjoying your walk!

      4. One of a kind outdoor gallery - visit Park of sculptures Dubrova

        On the very entrance of Labin, a unique sculpture park extending over more than 33 hectares of land is located. Exhibiting more than 70 sculptures, offers a distinctive art experience. Apart from art, and some of the most important Croatian artists like Julije Knifer, Dušan Džamonja and Edo Murtić, you can enjoy the vastness of nature, the sound of birds and fresh air. Open yourself to a new experience and visit this “Park for free spirited”. Price? Completely free! Just be sure to be respectful: leave the park in a state you found it! Some of the most known exhibits are Amphitheater (“Dolac”, where many cultural events are being held) and Bijela cesta (“White road”, as surely one of the most photogred exhibits).

        Extra tip: Every year since 1970. an event called Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium is being held in the Park of sculptures Dubrova. Usually in July, artists arrive and contribute with their sculptures to the rich collection of park’s exhibits that become permanent displays of the Park. Do you know that the Park’s collection extends over its official geographical boundaries? Not only from Park’s, but even Labin’s, because some of them are placed around Croatia.

        5. Visit the belly of the city - get your greens at Labin Green Market

          People say that visiting markets will reveal the true charms of the cities you’re visiting. And Labin has something to show! Labin’s green market is located in the downtown part of Labin. This is your one - stop shop to get your fresh, organic and local ingredients. It’s open daily, and along with the green market offers a newly renovated fish market, a couple of butcher shops, fresh bakeries and coffee bars.

          This is a first morning meeting point of many Labin’s inhabitants - it’s a place for having a first morning coffee, a place to meet your old friends and a place to exchange some fresh gossip. Labin’s market always feels so alive!

          Extra tip: If you’re planning to get your shopping done at Labin’s green market, be sure to bring your reusable bag for carrying home your freshly bought veggies. Labin’s market started with the initiative to become the first plastic - free market in Croatia last Summer!