You consider yourself a gastro enthusiast and a gourmet person? You’re always trying to find some new tastes? Indulge yourself in everything this amazing peninsula offers you!

Istrian cuisine came a long way. From a cuisine that was using only few ingredients due to the barren land in the past all the way to the culinary examples of art that are now world renowned - but how did this happen?

There are 3 simple secrets to this: love for cooking and preparing meals, always fresh and locally grown ingredients and creativity in the kitchen. Well, make it 4 - and good olive oil!

No matter where you go, to a small village konoba (which is a typical Istrian restaurant) or to a high-end restaurant run by famous chefs, your taste buds will be dancing out of joy.

And remember, good food is good mood - so why not give it a try? Here are some typical Istrian dishes that you have to try during your next visit.

Istrian maneštra - maneštra s trukinjom or maneštra s bobići (corn maneštra)

So simple, yet so amazing - a thicker version of soup where the key ingredient is corn. A heart warming dish that immediately evokes childhood, because our grandmothers used to prepare it. Even though it's quite simple in terms of preparation, it takes time to do so - our grandmothers used to say that it won’t be good if it’s done in less than 3 hours. You know, good things take time, right?

Nowaday at some restaurants maneštra is listed along with soups or warm appetizers, but it can easily stand alone as a main course - especially if you put pieces of homemade bread inside of it and eat it like that.

Although you can find it all year round, it suits best in the winter, especially if it’s eaten near ognjišće, the typical fireplace of konoba. Try homemade and warm yourself with a nice bowl of maneštra next time you're in Istria!

Istrian pasta

Istrian pasta is the perfect example of that famous Istrian creativity. How can a simple form of dough made from flour, eggs and water be made in so many different shapes and create so many delicious meals? Fuži, pljukanci, pasotice, the list is endless! Enriched with meat stews, cheese and prosciutto, various vegetables or with world - famous truffles, this traditional Istrian meal offers you a unique gastronomic experience!

Try them all out and find your favorites!


Asparagus are the true messengers of Spring! With the arrival of warmer days, many locals pick them while enjoying the outdoors. Asparagus are not only green souvenirs from nature, they can create some really amazing staple meals! The most simple one is fritaja za šparogama (omelet with asparagus) offered in several restaurants during its season (spring - early summer).

Asparagus a long time ago stopped being considered as a simple folk cuisine ingredient. With its bitter taste, this appetizing gift of nature inspires even the best culinary chefs in creating new unique combinations.

Asparagus are not only tasty, they are also full of health benefits. Healthy and they taste great - sign me up!

Labinjonski krafi

Labinjonski krafi are an autochthonous Istrian delicacy that are selflessly being shared throughout the generations. If you still haven’t encountered it, the most simple explanation would be that they are a form of, let’s say, ravioli - a form of dough, cute and round, with some filling. But they are much more than that!

Specialty about this certain type of krafi from Labin is that they are filled with sweet cheese and that they are being paired with chicken stew. If you’re not an enthusiast about sweet and salty combinations, don’t worry! Many restaurants are offering only sweet versions - filled with sweet cheese and topped with ingredients like caramel, honey or orange.

You know how they say, fortune favors the bold. And the bold? The bold ones discover new tastes.


Boškarin is a traditional Istrian cattle that is considered a true gourmet delicacy. If you’re a meat lover, you don’t want to miss it.

Handling this type of meat is different from other kinds of cattle. If you want to emphasize the very best of it, you need to know what you’re doing. This means that the cooks and other people in the kitchen need to be educated in proper preparation. That’s why you won’t find it in menus of all restaurants in Istria.

Next time you’re in Istria, ask about some recommendations where to go. Try some boškarin carpaccio or boškarin meat with fuži - you won’t be disappointed!