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ISTRIA.VILLAS respects the privacy of all its users and their data will not be given to third parties or used for marketing purposes except with the prior approval of the same. ISTRIA.VILLAS gathers only necessary information about customers required for the realization of the reservation. All customer information is strictly protected and accessible only to employees, when these data is necessary to perform the job. All employees of ISTRIA.VILLAS and the business partners are responsible for compliance with the principles of protection of privacy.


Accommodation in the apartment usually is not possible before 13:00 hours on the day of arrival, and it usually has to be left until 10:00 in the morning on the final day of service.

Arrivals after 20:00 hours should be announced in advance, unless otherwise agreed.

Pets can be allowed to stay in the apartment in individual cases, after it was aprooved by ISTRIA.VILLAS, with obligated payment.


ISTRIA.VILLAS respects and protects your privacy. In the process of realization of the required services and for providing notifications and information related to your journey or other requested services, we will use only the information that you provide voluntarily to us. We engage that we will not sell, take out or give this information to a third party in a way that is not listed in this statement.


Passengers are obliged to have valid personal travel documents. Invalid documents, which result in cancelation of the journey, do not produce any harmful consequences for ISTRIA.VILLAS and because the omission of such passengers ISTRIA.VILLAS suffered additional damage, the passenger is required to reimburse the same. If travel documents are lost or stolen during the journey, traveler himself bears the costs of issuance of new documents.


The traveler gives personal information voluntarily. Personal data of passengers is required in the process of the realisation of the required services. The same will be used for further mutual communication.

ISTRIA.VILLAS agrees not to take personal information of passengers out of the country or give to a third party, except for the purpose of realization of the required service.


These web page are taking all measures to protect user information. Entering confidential information through these Web site is protected by security protocol (SSL). During the stay in the protected site padlock icon at the bottom of Internet browsers like Google Chrome and Netscape Navigatora is locked, as opposed to unlocked or open icons during a normal search of our site. Access to all data of our customers, not only to the above-mentioned confidential information, is limited. Access to classified information have only employees who need the same to perform a specific service.


Occasionally you may receive information about products, services and special offers, and newsletter. Respecting the privacy of our users, we offer the possibility of refusing this type of information. Please check method of selecting these options.


Contact information such as names and e-mail addresses, may be requested in the case that the user wants to apply for the subscription to the newsletters.

Über uns

ISTRIA.VILLAS ist eine spezialisierte Reiseagentur für die Vermietung von Ferienhäuser und Luxusvillen. Wir erfüllen die anspruchsvollsten Wünsche unserer Kunden. Unsere Geschäftsvision beruht auf dem Aufbau langfristiger Beziehungen und der Steigerung von Qualitäts- und Kommunikationsstandards, sowie der Informations- und Geschäftsstandards. Unser Auftrag ist ebenfalls, die Destination mittels sämtlichen Arten von digitalen Plattformen zu vermarkten.


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